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HitokiriChibi's Profile Picture
Hitokiri Chibi
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi there and welcome to my page!

I'm an artist based in Melbourne, Australia and I love drawing other people's characters. I seem to lack the inspiration to draw my own unless it's to use them as guinea pigs for new art/colouring styles I want to experiment with.

Either way, drawing is what I love to do and as such I'm pretty much always open for commissions - just check my journal for pricing information.

If you need help with a drawing or even clothing designs for characters, feel free to note me. I like to help people and sometimes brainstorming can help you get past stumbling blocks.

You can find me and my things in the following places:……
Hi everyone!

I've updated my price listings since I've decided to offer two shading styles and it drastically changes the output time.
Cel Shaded colouring is now an option - this is $30 cheaper than the original 'soft shaded' style I was offering previously!
There is also a discount now on 'group' art - described further in the Optional Extra's section of this Journal.

So feel free to send me a note with the following information and we can get talking to confirm price and all that :)

Your Name/Username:
Character's Name/Theme:
Who You Want Drawn: Here's where you put the physical description of the character/s and any links you might have to references of them.
Optional Extras: Soft Shading / Background (Describe it or link to images of what you have in mind) / Number of Additional Characters
Extra Info: Personality / Pose / Specific image size if this is needed for a banner. Personality is a must if you can't think of a pose because it helps me think about how the character would stand. You can also suggest a moment from the character's life, what hobbies they do etc
Payment Option: Partial or Full Fee Upfront. Please also let me know what your PayPal address is so I can confirm which order is yours.

What you'll get from me:

Updates at concept sketch, line art and then flat colour stages.

At concept stage we hammer out the pose and this can go back and forth a few times until you're happy with it. At the line art stage, I'll finalise the pose - this is the last chance you have to edit the pose. Once the colours go on, I'll only accept changes to the colours themselves and changing the pose again will incur an extra charge up to half the price of your commission.

Timely Art 

If I took out the approval process outlined above, I can generally get a full character drawing with no background done in around 8 hours or less, depending on the complexity of the pose and the outfit. So if you want something quick, I can take out the process above but there will be no modifications and you'll only see the art once it's been completed. Otherwise, the time is also largely dependant on you getting back to me at each approval stage as I won't start the next stage until I get the okay.

Irregular Styles

Line Sketch $5
(option to have a white background but all shading will be done with lines or cross-hatching to imply colour)
Gazing by HitokiriChibi Hyrule Warriors : Modern Link and Zelda Rescue by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Halcy Times Avatar by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Zacharias by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Rin Blue Macaroon Dress by HitokiriChibi

Flat Coloured Sketch $15
Gaia Online : Iris by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Erikk by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : jaszvi-173 Group Sketch by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Silfalaeous Yshfellonn by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Red by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Jasper by HitokiriChibi

Doll Chibi $25
Default: Flat Colours
Optional Extra: Cel Shading +$5
Gaia Online : Avenging Amina by HitokiriChibi ZU Art Contest : Cloudy by HitokiriChibi ZU : Asparagus Joker by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Dark Angel Seira by HitokiriChibi

Regular Styles

All prices below are for a cel-shaded style of colouring with no background.

Bust/Portrait: $10

Waist Up: $20

Thighs Up: $40

Full Body: $60-90 depending on how complex the character is.

Optional Extras:

+ Soft Shading: Please add $30 to the base price

+ Background: Please add $20 - $50 depending on how complex it is

+1 Extra Character (couple art): Base Price x 2 = Total

Example: Waist Up Couple Art is $20 x 2 = $40

+ Multiple Characters (groups of 3 or more): Base Price x Number of Characters - $10 for each 'additional' character

Example: Waist Up Group Art of 4 Character is $20 x 4-$30= $50


Bust / Portrait
Gaia Online : Enna by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Cecily by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Saya by HitokiriChibi 

Waist Up
Hyrule Warriors : Modern Link by HitokiriChibi Jack and Joker Bishie Technique by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Rayne by HitokiriChibi 

Thighs Up
Gaia Online : Charon Deimos by HitokiriChibi  Gaia Online : Mason and Alec by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Burt and Yami by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Serafina and Skylar by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Kimono Avatar by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Sesshirou by HitokiriChibi

Full Body depending on complexity and shading style chosen
  Gaia Online : Zelda by HitokiriChibi    Gaia Online : Layde by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Dark Gym Leader by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Rain by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Aisha by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Rou Ji by HitokiriChibiGaia Online : Lucifer by HitokiriChibi

Full Body with background
ZU : Serenity by HitokiriChibi ZU : Jin Liu by HitokiriChibiCommission : Caliga by HitokiriChibi Gaia Online : Kitsuko's Grand Entrance by HitokiriChibi Commission : Novalis Kross by HitokiriChibi

Conditions for Commission work:
★ Paypal Only
★ Prices are in Australian Dollars
★ Some form of payment is required prior to me starting work - this can either be half the fee or the full fee.
★ I reserve the right to decline any offers.
★ Images are for personal use only (not to be used to gain a profit).
★ I reserve the right to use the image for my own personal art promotion either on the web or in printed format.
★ If for some reason I am unable to complete your commission I will provide a full refund, regardless of what work may have already been completed.
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DnD : Joy Character Sheet Level 11 by HitokiriChibi
DnD : Joy Character Sheet Level 11

I’ve been wanting to make one of these sorts of things for awhile now so here it is I guess.

I posted up Joy’s profile a day or so ago which can be found here if you’d like to see what her current stats are and even a few facts about Joy herself as a character.

Keep reading below to see what made Joy start her path as an Eldath Alcolyte.



It was one of the first things that Joy learned to identify as a child.

As she followed her parents on their travels, she came to understand that they were always viewed with fear and what swiftly followed was either distrust, anger or even hate.

Seemingly mindful of the emotions, her mother always seemed to have a sad mien, her lips perpetually down turned any time they were in a settlement with other races present. Her father reacted by standing tall, not bowing down in the face of others.

She was still too young at the time to fully appreciate her parents names - Sorrow and Pride.

The only times they seemed to relax were when it was just them three upon the road or if they stayed a spell in one of the far in between Tiefling villages.

Her Calling
Eldathyn are instructed to nurture and aid and not to restrict or punish. They may defend but not punish. Eldathyn may work violence only to defend, and they may slay no thing of the forest save to prevent it from slaying themselves or another under their protection.

During her eighth year they came across one of the Temple Groves of Eldath, Goddess of Peace.

It was the first time that Ia, as she was called at the time, encountered people who accepted her family with no fear and ill will. They were welcomed into the community to find peace in the nature that Eldath herself loved and cared for.

It was a blessed week for Ia, to witness her parents relaxing in the presence of other races for the first time.

When their customary week’s stay was over and her parents were packing to leave, Ia announced that she would stay with the Eldathyn’s. It was her wish to learn and in turn teach how to accept and promote peace as they did. Surely, if others but learned of this peace then all races could learn to love and live alongside each other with no prejudice or hate.

As though Eldath herself blessed this decision a gentle breeze swept through the grove and Sorrow and Pride left behind their only daughter, who had declared herself to be Joy that she might live to know and spread it with Eldath’s guidance.

Her Journey
Although it is part of the making of a priest of Eldath that an individual must travel Faerun widely enough to pray in at least nine sacred fastnesses (temple groves) dedicated to the goddess, most Eldathyn settle in one grove or one forest and live their lives thereabouts.

As Joy turned 18 she was still an Acolyte of Eldath but was taking her first steps towards becoming a full fledged priestess. It was her desire to be a Freewalker, one of the adventurer-priests that travelled far and wide to share Eldath’s teachings and also assisting other urban-based followers of Eldath in reaching the more secluded forest Temples to worship and pray. Her lack of skill in social speaking made her true dream of becoming a negotiator something too hard to obtain. 

It was as she was leaving her current forest temple that put her on the path to Greenest, a town that would in turn take her to other cities that she might find more places of worship.

Name: Joy
Race: Tiefling
Age: 18
Height: 5' 2"
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Dark blue, used to be kept long and straight down her back but Ciaran trimmed it so it's now shorter and in loose curls to frame her face and goes just past her shoulders

Class: Cleric
Background: Eldath Acolyte
Languages: Common, Infernal, Abyssal and Undercommon
Alignment: Neutral Good

Level: 11
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 19
Charisma: 18

Fruits, her favourite being plums
Darius, the love of her young life and now her fiance
Ciaran who is the older sister she never had
Balasar who is the older brother/sometimes uncle figure she never had

Waking up in the morning (she was always the last to morning prayer service)
Public speaking (the priests gave up on her in leading sermons because she couldn't do it)
Being the center of attention (ties into her childhood where she can only remember the eyes of people staring at her or her parents with fear and hatred)
Those who would threaten the lives of her companions, she will SMITE- I mean, ever so politely ask them to cease and rethink their actions

Facts about Joy:
She thinks all living things have the capacity to be good and that if communication was open between all races then there truly could be peace. Because of that she decided to study what people had deemed the 'darker' languages of Abyssal and Undercommon (much to the consternation of some of the other Eldathyn priests). It was her hope one day that she could come across beings from either race, invite them to tea, and come to an understanding that would benefit everyone involved. Really, she just thinks people misunderstand the other races, just as they have preconceived notions about all Tieflings being evil.

Her tail has a habit of clinging to things that she cares about while she's sleeping - on a few occasions when Darius has ended up beside her, her tail has been known to wind it's way around his ankle.

She doesn't hunt or kill to eat so mostly eats fruits, bread or nuts. She can eat meat but will not slay an animal just to sate her hunger.

Every day she casts Death Ward on Darius. She thinks he doesn't know she does it because she generally does it while hugging him or holding his hand but he does and he usually just sighs and lets her go on with it.

She stopped carrying around a weapon so her arsenal is restricted to casting the Sacred Flame cantrip or using her Wand of Misplaced objects to try and distract the enemy. If things get really bad that's when she'll cast Spirit Guardians or something more powerful.

Her main regrets and what she considers failures on her part are when she hit her companion Faer over the head with her staff to stop her from attacking some unsuspecting cultists. This was when the party were still new to one another so it caused a fair bit of anger and (after some previous deception on Joy's part to make the cultists believe she was on their side) distrust to the point where they DID think Joy was part of the cult.

Some of the party also look to Joy as their moral compass which puts a lot of strain on her emotionally - she's only 18 and still naive to the world but she tries her best. She feels like she is constantly failing their Dwarf Barbarian Froley because he is always at odds with her own beliefs and sometimes puts the party in danger when he was on his quest for vengeance.
DnD : Joy Character Profile
Inspired by NobleTiefling to put up a written character profile of my first ever D&D character, Joy.

I only started playing D&D last year so I still consider myself to be quite new to the game and some of the concepts and in hindsight playing a pacifist sort of character may not have been the best beginner option but it's worked out alright so far.
DnD : Joy Portrait - Level 5 by HitokiriChibi
DnD : Joy Portrait - Level 5
Decided to make a portrait pic to use on Roll20 of Joy, haha

Character: Joy
Race: Tiefling
Class: Cleric - Acolyte of Eldath, Goddess of Peace

Program: Mischief
DnD : Joy Character Sheet Lvl 5 by HitokiriChibi
DnD : Joy Character Sheet Lvl 5
My DnD character Joy as of Level 5 :D

Tiefling Cleric of Eldath, the Goddess of Peace.

The first chibi is what she often does, trying to stop people from fighting since she's a pacifist.
The second chibi is her using thaumaturgy - for a pacifist with no proficiency she always rolls stupidly high on intimidation checks XD

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